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Acme Fuel has been the local, family owned, ‘go to’ propane & heating oil company for Yelm since 1925! Acme provides a variety of fuel services throughout the South Sound area. We supply propane and heating oil to Yelm homeowners and Thurston County businesses as well as commercial diesel delivery for off road equipment, generators and refrigeration trailers. That’s why Acme has been proud to be Yelm’s local propane and heating oil supplier for nearly 100 years!

✓ Always competitive and fair pricing

✓ We do NOT play pricing games

✓ No teaser rates that jump up later

✓ Our prices change ONLY when the wholesale price changes

✓ NO DELIVERY FEES of any kind for our Autofill customers

✓ NO surprise hazmat fees

✓ NO fuel surcharges for all deliveries

✓ Emergency fills are available with an after hours fee.

✓ Additional 5 cent per gallon discount if you pay your bill within 7 days!

✓ South Sound's local propane & heating oil supplier for almost 100 years!


Best of South Sound WINNER 2019 Best Fuel Company

Yelm's Propane Supply FAQs

  1. The short answer is technically yes but it is very unlikely. Propane itself freezes at -306.4 degrees Fahrenheit (or -188 degrees Celsius) so that is not a problem. What is more likely to happen is that your propane can no longer vaporize. When the temperature gets below -44 degrees Fahrenheit (-42 degrees Celsius) the propane will no longer boil. You can fix it by getting a propane tank heater. However, the lowest average temperature in Yelm, Washington rarely goes beneath 23 degrees Fahrenheit so you likely will not have to worry about extreme cold. Alternatively, in hot weather conditions, you should simply not leave your propane in direct sunlight as the hotter the tank gets, the more pressure there will be inside the tank.

Cleanliness is an important oil heat improvement. Todays’ oil heat is 95 percent cleaner than it was in 1970. When properly adjusted and maintained, new oil heat systems create absolutely no soot, dirt, or odors in the home. Heating oil delivered by Acme Fuel is an Ultra-Low Sulfur (15 ppm) product. This reduces the sulfur emissions as much as 99 percent from traditional heating oil. This cleaner burning fuel gives us all a chance to breathe easier.

We use a few methods. Most customers are on a degree day schedule. Degree days are a measure of how cold the weather is. Our computer computes your K factor, which is like miles per gallon on a car; it is the rate at which you burn fuel for heat, which is correlated to the weather. Then we determine whether or not you have non-heat related appliances like water heaters, and we build in a gallon/day formula for that. The computer system takes all these factors and generates a ticket accordingly. We try to make a delivery when your tank is 2/3 empty. While this may sound confusing, and is by no means perfect, it has been around for a very long time and is quite accurate.

The other method is called a Julian method; with this method, we deliver to you every certain number of days. This works well if you have a large mix of non-heat related appliances, or a swimming pool heater. More information can be found by Googling degree day schedules.

To see answers to more frequently asked questions, take a look at our Propane FAQS or our Heating Oil FAQS .


Yelm's Favorite Propane Supplier Since 1925

Acme Fuel is a local, 3rd generation, family owned business that’s committed to providing its customers the best products and services, while also being good stewards of our community and the environment.

Acme Fuel's clear & competitive propane pricing promise

Other companies may try to sell you “teaser rates”. Teaser rates are when they offer their “set” price only to later raise it with surprise charges and fees. Even worse, they artificially lower their rates during the summer months when you need propane the least then immediately raise them again in the winter when you need your propane the most. Acme does NOT believe in dishonest pricing. Our prices only change when our wholesale prices change. Take a look at our current heating oil and propane prices, you won’t be disappointed.

Automatic propane delivery commitment

If you are one of our many loyal customers who subscribe to our propane auto-delivery service, then you know that we do our best to ensure that you never run out of fuel. But, if for some reason you did, we still have you covered! Acme Fuel offers a 24/7 Emergency Delivery Service for those who are caught without enough fuel by surprise. We promise same day delivery at no extra cost. Read more about our propane delivery options.

Switch propane provider – Acme easy propane tank swap out

Currently purchasing fuel from another company in Yelm, Washington? Check out how easy it is to switch your propane and heating oil provider and become another happy Acme Fuel customer!

FREE propane delivery in Thurston County

Here at Acme Fuel, we do not believe in adding arbitrary fees to our deliveries. The surprise fees given by other companies is only a way to raise their price after they have already quoted you. But Acme only charges for the price of the fuel and the sales tax because we believe that you should only pay for what you are getting! This way our customers can always count on our consistent prices.

Annual propane budget plans

We want to make working with us as easy as possible! That’s why we offer our Yelm customers an Annual Budget Payment plan that allows you to pay for your oil tank replacement contract, your propane tank lease, and/or your heating oil and propane over the course of a 12 month period with no added interest. Check out our Payment Options page for more information regarding our available plans.

Personal accounts

Here at Acme, we offer flexible payment options for our Yelm customers. We want to make life easy which is why we accept COD, debit, credit, and the option to open a personal account for residential homes. Take a look at all our payment options and open a Personal Account with us today!

Business accounts

Do you own a business in Yelm, Washington? Then Acme Fuel is the perfect team for you. Being a locally owned business ourselves, we want to support other local businesses as best as we can. Make life easier by opening an online Business Account with us today!

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