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How to Become an Acme Customer

Whether you are new to propane or switching from another supplier, we want to make the process as easy as possible.  So call today to let the professionals at Acme take care of our your heating fuel needs:

For customers new to propane we offer “site check” at no charge.  Our team can help you find the safest location for your tank(s) that also works with the aesthetics of your home and landscaping.

For customers that lease tank from other providers we offer “first year free” tank leases , free tank swap-outs and a free system safety check.  No cost to you to switch to the honest, fair and no haggle pricing of Acme Fuel.

If you are new to propane, give our office a call and we can walk you through the options you have and we will help guide you to the best option for your individual situation. We can explain the pros and cons of leasing vs. purchasing your tank and we can assist you in setting you up with the appropriately sized tank.

Then, we will set up a free “site check”. With this, an Acme representative will come out to your house to meet with you and work with you to find a safe, accessible location for the tank that also meets your needs for aesthetics.

After our tech installs the tank, he will then do a “Gas Check” – a safety inspection required by our industry. He will check for any potential leaks, look for any other hazards, then ensure you know how to safely operate your propane appliance, make you aware of the smell of propane, and how to shut off your tank in case you need to. ALL of this is at NO additional cost to you!

If you are looking to switch propane suppliers, you have come to the RIGHT place! Here at Acme, we pride ourselves on providing the BEST service and the FAIREST price!

If you are switching, it is most likely due to high prices or poor service. Many of our competitors like to lure customers in with “teaser rates”. Artificially low prices that they don’t tell you will go up significantly. At Acme, we will provide a discount on your initial fill up, but then we keep you at our regular price – the same price all of our customers with the same set up as you are paying. We don’t think it’s fair to give Customer A pricing so low that we must charge Customer B too much to make up for it. We think it is fair to keep things the same. We also do NOT charge any delivery fees – these are just ploys to raise the price without telling you. There are ZERO required additional fees (except sales tax).

If you switched due to poor service – multiple runouts, letting you sit without fuel for more than a few hours, etc. Again, you have come to the RIGHT place! If you are on our automatic delivery service, and for some reason you ran out of fuel, we guarantee same day service! Usually within a couple of hours!

Our number one priority is to keep our auto fill customers happy! We use “degree day” and “Julian” systems to assess when you need fuel, rather than a strict route. It is much more effective and accurate.

In addition to this, if you have very sporadic, erratic, or extra heavy usage, we can set you up with a tank monitor. This tells us real time how much fuel is in your tank. (Depending on the situation, this may require a small monthly or annual fee.)

So, whether you are new to propane or are just looking for a better company to work with, give Acme a call 360-943-1133!

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