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Heating Oil for the South Sound

All heating oil and/or off road diesel is #2 diesel fuel with a red dye in it to indicate that it is for Non-Road Use. Basically, there are no road taxes added to the cost of the fuel. Acme’s Heating Oil/Off Road, we use and ultra-low sulfur blend of fuel for a very clean burning fuel.

We are a small, local, family owned business. We have been supplying heating oil since 1925 and we are in the 3rd generation of Allen family ownership. Our entire operation is located in Olympia, WA. This means all of our tax dollars stay right here in the South Sound. Find out more about why buying local is important at Sustainable Connections and

Heating Oil Delivery in Mason, Lewis, Thurston & Eastern Grays Harbor – No Delivery Fees

Acme has never had any other fees added to our deliveries – only the price of the fuel, and sales tax.  The fees added by others are just a way to raise their price without quoting that in their price.  So you always know that our price is our price!

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automatic propane and heating oil fuel deliveries

Automatic Heating Oil Delivery Commitment

If you are on auto delivery with us, we always provide you with priority service.  We do everything we can to ensure you never run out of fuel.  But, if for some reason you did, we have 24/7 Emergency service.  We promise to get out to you same day at no extra charge! 

Multiple Payment Options

Acme Fuel offers multiple payment options including business and personal accounts and easy annual budget plans. See Payment Options page for more details.

Fuel Heating Oil and Propane Spread Payment Budget
Heating Oil Tank Sales

Heating Oil Tank Sales

Acme sells and installs UL-listed above ground and underground heating fuel tanks in 100 to 500 gallon sizes for both new construction, and replacement, of existing tanks. Contact us for details.

Heating Oil Tank Insurance and PLIA

A tank replacement contract, which currently costs $99.95 per year, will pay parts and labor for removal and disposal of your old tank and installation of a new tank and piping in case your tank springs a leak.

Please note that the Acme tank contract does not pay for pollution cleanup. Pollution cleanup would be covered by PLIA, the state of Washington’s Pollution Liability Insurance Agency.

If you have an Acme tank replacement contract and are registered with PLIA and your tank leaks, there is no charge whatsoever to you for tank removal, pollution cleanup and new tank installation. To purchase a tank replacement contract, you must be on automatic fuel delivery service from Acme Fuel.

Whether or not you have a tank contract or whether or not you even buy your fuel from Acme, you should definitely be registered with PLIA. It could save you literally thousands of dollars.

PLIA stands for the state of Washington’s Pollution Liability Insurance Agency. PLIA insures against pollution from leaking heating fuel tanks in the state of Washington. It will pay up to $60,000.00 in pollution cleanup costs for individual heating fuel tank leaks. PLIA is funded by a fee assessed on all the petroleum products, including heating oil, sold in the state.

However, even though you are paying for PLIA, your fuel tank will not be covered unless you are registered with PLIA before the leak occurs. The registration form is a simple one-page document. If you have a heating oil tank, you should register it with PLIA right away.

To register, call our office at 360-943-1133 and we’ll send you a PLIA form, call PLIA directly at 800-822-3905 or go to the PLIA website at

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