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Acme Fuel - Propane and Heating Oil for THurston County for 100 years

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow - Acme Fuel in Olympia

Acme Fuel Co was founded in 1925 by the Springer Mill Company as a way to sell off their waste wood products to homes for heating needs. They soon began selling coal and heating oil as those energy sources became more common.

Tom Allen Sr. worked for Springer Mill, then for Acme Fuel Co., and in the early 1940’s he purchased Acme from the Mill. It has been in the Allen Family since then. Tom Allen Jr. a Co-Owner and currently enjoying retirement; his son, Christophe Allen, is the President/Co-Owner.

Acme now provides a variety of services to homes and businesses throughout Thurston and Mason Counties. We deliver propane and heating oil to homes for their home energy needs.

We partner with Capital Heating and Cooling to install and repair all types of heating and cooling equipment. And we own/operate two gas stations (Fast Fuel) that provide fuel to businesses and individuals alike.

Acme continues to be committed to providing the best products and services, while also being good stewards of our community and the environment.

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