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Fueling Rainier & Thurston County, WA for since 1925!

Acme Fuel has been the local, family owned, ‘go to’ propane & heating oil company for Rainier since 1925! Acme provides a variety of fuel services throughout the South Sound area. We supply propane and heating oil to Rainier and Thurston County businesses as well as commercial diesel delivery for off road equipment, generators and refrigeration trailers. That’s why Acme Fuel has been proud to be Thurston County’s local propane and heating oil supplier for nearly 100 years!

✓ Always competitive and fair pricing

✓ We do NOT play pricing games

✓ No teaser rates that jump up later

✓ Our prices change ONLY when the wholesale price changes

✓ NO DELIVERY FEES of any kind for our Autofill customers

✓ NO surprise hazmat fees

✓ NO fuel surcharges for all deliveries

✓ Emergency fills are available with an after hours fee.

✓ Additional 5 cent per gallon discount if you pay your bill within 7 days!

✓ South Sound's local propane & heating oil supplier for almost 100 years!


Best of South Sound WINNER 2019 Best Fuel Company
Clean and well maintained
The customer service from Acme Fuel is 5 star. The scheduling staff is friendly, kind and efficient. We noted that we didn’t have power and with the snow coming we wanted to make sure we didn’t run out of propane. They made a note and the driver showed up the next day asked how were doing and if we had power yet. Many thanks to this business for their exception customer service.
I’ve been using it for years great place
Gas is usually cheaper than other gas stations around. No gas station attendant or a convenience store.
ACME is the Best propane company by far. When our previous propane company (Amerigas) left us in an emergency situation, ACME stepped in and took care of us, including a same-day delivery! We switched over to them and would never switch back.
My debit card was skimmed here, beware. Gas was cheap though and service was good.
I really enjoy this refueling location. And my car likes what they have available for sale.
Only place to get non ethanol
Ethanol free gas!
I like being able to get non-ethanol gas here. I drive a Chevy Volt and only use about 2 tanks of gas a year. Using non-ethanol let’s me not worry about collecting water in my fuel.
This location is CLOSED until summer 2022. USE THE OLYMPIA LOCATION. I like the fuel and convenience.
4.59 gal. Not crowded. Recommend
Easy in and out. Burns slower
One of the only few stations in the area with non ethanol fuel!!
Good gas and always clean
I just wanted yo give a shout out for the help I received from Seth in the downtown Olympia location. I came in with a bunch of questions and needed some information to move forward on a project. Seth was great in helping me learn more about what I was getting into, possible solutions to the problems and multiple ways of moving forward.Thanks Seth for your knowledge!
Great pric and good variety
Clean and well maintained. Acme fuel does a great job!
I’ve been using them for a while. Had a little mix up recently but they took care of it.
A big THANK YOU to ACME FUEL for the GREAT SERVICE you’ve given me for about 20 years now!!!! You always “showed up” at just the right time and keep my propane tank topped off, no matter what the weather or time of year. Good prices and a prompt payment discount, too! Alway pleasant and great home-town friendly customer service. Sad to see you’ve sold the propane business and I wish the staff and owners all the best. You’ve been an Olympia ICON for almost a HUNDRED YEARS and will be missed! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GREAT SERVICE over the many years. ❤Terry Curtis – up the hill off Waddell Ck Rd.
Great prices AND they have non ethanol gas! No line. No services other than fuel.
Always clean and always have paper towels which is always appreciated
Where we get gas
Easy way to get gas ⛽
Air pump on site (credit or change same price). 10% ethanol, non-ethanol, diesel, and DEF available here.
It’s like the name says “FastFuel”
We ran out of propane in our RV while at Summit Lake and at the time it wasn’t possible to break camp and drive into town. Mike was very helpful, despite my giving them such short notice, he got me set up for next day delivery service and was very helpful. Thanks Acme!
Fast fuel is only as fast as you are..You see I go for my girl and she likes her juice without fillers. So being from Germany she really runs best without all those extra additives, like ethanol. This station is clean well stocked and easy in and out. Very rarely ever do you have to wait to get a fill up. So pump it like I do..
This place is always clean and well-maintained. Plenty of gas pumps and open 24/7 so I never have to wait.
Nice place to get ethanol free gas for boat.
Off-road diesel available here. Self-serve.
Have non alcohol fuel… Nice
Great clean place with nice pumps. Come here for the non ethanol gas
No frills gas
Good spot to fill up if you want to avoid people.
Great fuel, good price, easy access
One of the only places to get non-ethanol gas in town
They have non-ethanol ⛽.
I am a customer for life. This company and its technician (Johnny) are amazing. They are understanding, friendly, and take the time to explain the process, fees, and any issues. I absolutely recommend this business for any propane needs you have. Thank you so much Todd, Johnny, and Katie!!
Excellent service, kind staff, always willing to help. They know their customers, and have reasonable rates. They put another outfit in town (which shall be nameless) to shame. Thank you Acme
Quick in and out. Renewed facilities.*** AUTOMATIC Social Distancing ***Great selection of fuel types along with DEF and air and drink machine.New modern fuel dispensers. They take most payment cards.Separate islands for large truck combos with high speed duel sided pumping.A special card plan for reduced rates.I use this facility al the time.Thanks for the improvements.
Great product, great prices
The newly remodeled station on Lily road is great.
The place to get your non-ethanol gas…
Seemed like a perfectly fine gas station but unfortunately, the Gig Fuel Card doesn’t work here
Fantastic Value. Never have to wait for another vehicle and all Top Tier fuels available including non-ethenol. Go downtown on State, open an account, or by any communication, and never wait in-line for fuel again!
Great company!
Acme Fuel does it all with professionalism and sincere concern for every customer. They have fair prices on all their products, reliable delivery and up to date online presence for news and bill pay. Bonus-They are so personable to do business with!
No Anvils, disappointed.
Professional, saying what they do, doing what they say.
Acme Fuel is the Best. I have been a propane customer for 15 years.Some how they always know when it is time to refill my 120 gal tank I have never had to call for service. One morning as I was waking up it came to me it may be time for a refill when I got up noticed a truck noise and Wow! The Acme Guy was filling the tank. Great Service and I have shared the info with friends.
$3.84 per gallon for non ethanol gas. Just got it tonite 11/1/2019
Acme fuel is amazing! Sheryl Milczewski is phenomenal! Not only do they provide amazing service to me and my customers, they do great things in the Community! They are a staple in making Olympia more awesome!
Great place for ethanol free gas
Good prices a little hidden
Great place to get non-ethanol fuel.
Great co. Nice people. Prices are a little high. Use the no ethanol in all your small engines to avoid having to clean/replace the carburetors
I get my gas here everyday so you can say I come here quite often.
Great prices
Ethanol free fuel.
Non ethonal 87 and 92 octane, diesel and ethonal provided. Easy purchase, to get reciept you must reinsert card in pay station.
Never a wait and great gas prices.
Conveniently located and easy to get to. This place offers competitively priced fuel.
The driver for ACME just delivered my fuel on 5-15-19. I was outside working in the yard when he arrived, very efficient, nice and friendly. We are set up for automatic deliver; my husband and I have been a customers for 11+ years. I never have to make a call, we have never run out of fuel as they know our usage and always get here to put fuel in our tank. Thank you for many years of service and many more years in the future. Jennifer & Juan Martinez
Never a line, and no ethanol gas to boot!I can count on one hand how many times in 5 years I have been to another gas station. I run the same equipment and vehicles year in and year out. No issues.
Easy in and out for this location… No alcohol in there premium fuels.. Great for boats and motorcycles
Always clean and well lit. They have no ethanol fuel perfect for small engines.
We here on the Farm on Yelm Hwy Se, have used your company for 5 years.Great service, honest with prices, no games. Drivers are excellent, very helpful!Thrilled with your company! Locally owned! We think your BEST in your field.Thanks for being a great company! Pete & Patricia Van Lierop
I am both a Fast Fuel gas station customer and a delivery propane customer. Their stations are clean and functional, and their customer service is great. An actual, friendly human answers the phone when you call, and e-mails are promptly addressed as well. When I needed more propane during the February Snowpocalypse event, they made sure to deliver before I was out.
Great local business with knowledgable staff. They go above and beyond in order to make sure their customers are happy.The 2 gas stations they have offer both ethanol and non-ethanol options and are as convenient as possible plus the nationwide Fast Fuel locations make for convenience when traveling.Their charity work is also very kind, keep your eye out for the purple truck. 10/10 always recommend.
Used it for years.
Get ethanol free here and Premium ethanol free
Support a small business.
Good non-ethanol source. They also recertify propane tanks for cheap.
Usually one of the cheapest places in town that ain’t gonna make you drive the extra distance out to Tumwater or through the miserable roundabouts. It’s a 24 hour, self serve, and CARD ONLY sort of place that also has ETHANOL FREE fuel for roughly $0.60 extra (BRING YOUR FUEL JUGS). There aren’t any attendants. The trucks that bring in the fuel are literally parked right beside the pumps.Ohh, and the propane place is ACME just two and a half blocks south southeast.
Great place that I purchase no ethanol gasoline
They have gas
I get my gas here just about every other day I go through roughly 50 gallons a week I’m just convenient there gas stations usually are good location
Pure gasoline …
The pumps are a bit confusing at first, but once you go a time or two the non-ethanol gas is entirely worth it. They’re all I use now if I have any choice. Well worth paying premium for it.
Got my 5 gallon tank filled here. good location.
This is a great station with very good prices. It’s well taken care of, plenty of pumps that are very easy to get in and out of. I don’t remember ever finding a problem or equipment malfunction.
Great Local Company
Yes they have non ethanol fuel
Ethanol free
Non-ethenol fuel station.
Acme is priced competitively, you NEVER have to wait in line and they have non-ethenol! That is not destructive to your engine. Go to Acme Fuel on State and grab an account for your family.
Non ethanol fuel🙂
Friendly staff, quick and courteous
Always quiet. Well, at least the 2 times I’ve been there 😁 Plus right across the street from chez moi!
Great price, no lines, super service!
Fast and clean area and has non-ethanol gas and ethanol and Diesel
I go here for the ethanol free fuel to run in my quads and skis. A little bit hidden, but worth finding.
Ethanol free gas
Discounts for members.
Recent renovation makes this the best Ethanol Free station in Thurston county.
Awesome people
Knowledgable, friendly, and helpful!
I love this place. They have fast flow diesel pumps that fill my my truck’s 40 gal tank in just a couple minutes. The prices are always great and there’s never a line to get to the pumps. They also have methanol-free gas for boats.

The South Sound's Favorite Propane Supplier Since 1925

Acme Fuel are a local, 3rd generation, family owned business. Our entire operation is based in the South Sound in Washington State. This means all of our tax dollars stay right here in the South Sound. Find out more about why buying local is important at Sustainable Connections and

Acme Fuel's clear & competitive propane pricing promise

Companies may try to tempt you with “teaser rates”, only to raise them later, or worse, they artificially raise them in the winter (when you need it) and lower it in the summer (when you don’t). Acme only changes our prices when our wholesale price changes. Contact us for our current propane prices – you won’t be disappointed.

Automatic propane delivery commitment

If you are on auto delivery with us, we always provide you with priority service. We do everything we can to ensure you never run out of fuel. But, if for some reason you did, we have 24/7 Emergency service. We promise to get out to you same day at no extra charge! Read more about propane delivery options.

Switch propane provider – Acme easy propane tank swap out

If you are with another company currently, learn how easy it is to switch propane provider to become another happy Acme Fuel Customer.

FREE propane delivery in Mason, Lewis, Thurston & Eastern Grays Harbor

Acme has never had any other fees added to our deliveries – only the price of the fuel, and sales tax. The fees added by others are just a way to raise their price without quoting that in their price. So you always know that our price is our price!

Annual propane budget plans

Acme’s budget payment plan lets you pay for your heating fuel or propane, oil tank replacement contract, and/or propane tank lease payment over the 12 months of the year with no interest or finance charge. See Payment Options page for more details.

Personal accounts

Acme Fuel offers many flexible fuel payment options including COD, debit/credit and personal accounts for residential homes and other personal propane needs. Open an Personal Account online today.

Business accounts

Need propane for your business? Acme Fuel are the local reliable team to support your company. We make life easier, starting with an online Business Account that you can open today.

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