Propane Tank Sizes & Specifications

Acme Fuel Propane Tanks: Sizes & Specifications

Acme leases and sells high-quality ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) propane tanks made by Quality Steel or Trinity Industries…both long-established, respected tank manufacturers.

Above Ground Tanks | Underground Tanks

We stock 120 gallon horizontal and vertical above ground tanks. We also carry both above ground and underground tanks in 250, 500, or 1000 gallon sizes. We are well-versed in underground tank installations and use protective magnesium anodes on all of our underground tank placements.

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Above Ground Propane Tank Sizes

Propane tank sizes and specification diagram
Water CapacityDiameter (OD)Head TypeOverall LengthOverall HeightLeg** WidthLeg** SpacingWeight (lbs.)Quantity (Full Load)Quantity (Per Stack)
*120 wg.24”Ellip.5’-8”2’-10”1’-1½”2’-10½” or 3’-11”260108 | 11216 | 14
*250 wg.30”Hemi.7’-10”3’-6”1’-5″4’-11”480549
*320 wg.30”Hemi.9’-7”3’-6”1’-5″5’620459
500 wg.37½”Hemi.10’4’1’-8″5’95037 | 308 | 6
1000 wg.41”Hemi.16’4’-3”1’-8″10’-1”1800155
1450 wg.46½”Ellip.17’-4”4’-9″1’-9″11’-7”2650124
1990 wg.46½”Ellip.23’-11”4’-9″1’-9″16’352084

Underground Propane Tank Sizes

Underground Propane tank sizes and specification diagram
Water CapacityDiameter (OD)Head TypeOverall LengthOverall Height UGSROverall Height UGLRLeg** WidthWeight (lbs.)Quantity (Full Load)Quantity (Per Stack)
*120 wg.24”Ellip.5’-8”3’-10”4’-5”1’-1½”26048 | 606 | 10
*250 wg.30”Hemi.7’-10”4’-6”5’-1”1’-5″48030 | 425 | 7
*320 wg.30”Hemi.9’-7”4’-6”5’-1”1’-5″62025 | 355 | 7
500 wg.37½”Hemi.10’5’5’-7”1’-8″950255
1000 wg.41”Hemi.16’5’-3”5’-10”1’-8″1800155
1450 wg.46½”Ellip.17’-4”5’-9″6’-4″1’-9″2650124
1990 wg.46½”Ellip.23’-11”5’-9″6’-4″1’-9″352084

FREE propane delivery in Mason, Lewis, Thurston & Eastern Grays Harbor

Acme has never had any other fees added to our deliveries – only the price of the fuel, and sales tax. The fees added by others are just a way to raise their price without quoting that in their price. So you always know that our price is our price!

Automatic propane delivery commitment

If you are on auto delivery with us, we always provide you with priority service. We do everything we can to ensure you never run out of fuel. But, if for some reason you did, we have 24/7 Emergency service. We promise to get out to you same day at no extra charge! Read more about propane delivery options.

Switch propane provider – Acme easy propane tank swap out

If you are with another company currently, learn how easy it is to switch propane provider to become another happy Acme Fuel Customer.

Annual propane budget plans

Acme’s budget payment plan lets you pay for your heating fuel or propane, oil tank replacement contract, and/or propane tank lease payment over the 12 months of the year with no interest or finance charge. See Payment Options page for more details.

Personal accounts

Acme Fuel offers many flexible fuel payment options including COD, debit/credit and personal accounts for residential homes and other personal propane needs. Open an Personal Account online today.

Business accounts

Need propane for your business? Acme Fuel are the local reliable team to support your company. We make life easier, starting with an online Business Account that you can open today.

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