Propane Tank Sales & Leasing

Acme Fuel Propane Tanks: Sales & Leasing

Acme leases and sells high-quality ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) propane tanks made by Quality Steel or Trinity Industries; both long-established & respected tank manufacturers.

Propane tanks are available for purchase, standard lease or one-payment lease. See details below. Also visit the propane tank size and specifications page for more information on both above ground and underground propane tank installation.

Propane Tank Sales

When you purchase your tank outright, there is no minimum yearly purchase requirement and you will get the best-available price at that time.

The disadvantage is that the initial cost for the tank is higher and you are responsible for any problems that might arise with the tank and its fittings.

Available on both above ground and underground tanks.

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Propane Tank Standard Lease

The standard lease has the lowest initial cost for tank installation. There is a yearly rental charge for the tank and the per-gallon price for propane is initially higher than the per-gallon price charged to customers that own their own tanks.

This option requires that the customer be on automatic propane delivery service from Acme. There is also a minimum yearly purchase requirement.

Propane Tank One-Payment Lease

An Acme Exclusive! This option requires that the customer be on automatic propane delivery service from Acme.

You make only one lease payment (which basically covers the cost of the installation) and get the lower per-gallon propane price (normally only charged to customers who own their own tanks) right from the start.

There are never any more lease payments. If there is any problem with the tank or its fittings, Acme will take care of it at no charge.

There is a minimum yearly purchase requirement. Available on above ground tanks.

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