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Fueling Lacey & Thurston County, WA since 1925

Acme Fuel has been the ‘go to’ propane & heating oil company for Lacey since 1925! Acme provides a variety of fuel services throughout the South Sound area. We supply propane and heating oil to Lacey homes and Thurston County businesses as well as commercial diesel delivery for off road equipment, generators and refrigeration trailers. That’s why Acme Fuel has been proud to be Thurston County’s local propane and heating oil supplier for almost 100 years! And why we were voted Best Fuel Company once again by The Olympian!

✓ Always competitive and fair pricing

✓ We do NOT play pricing games

✓ No teaser rates that jump up later

✓ Our prices change ONLY when the wholesale price changes

✓ NO DELIVERY FEES of any kind for our Autofill customers

✓ NO surprise hazmat fees

✓ NO fuel surcharges for all deliveries

✓ Emergency fills are available with an after hours fee.

✓ Additional 5 cent per gallon discount if you pay your bill within 7 days!

✓ South Sound's local propane & heating oil supplier for almost 100 years!


Best of South Sound WINNER 2019 Best Fuel Company

Lacey's Propane Supply FAQs

Heating oil burns 300 degrees hotter than natural gas. This means your heating system is more efficient than alternatives such as natural gas and electricity. This is what makes heating oil so much more effective. 

After refining, No. 2 heating oil is the color of champagne. For tax purposes, regulations require that heating fuel be dyed red before it is sold. This is so the authorities can tell the difference between heating oil and on-road diesel fuel. The dye has no effect on the fuel and how it burns.

Heating oil is refined from crude oil. The refining process first separates crude oil into different “fractions” by using a distillation process. The middle distillates are then further refined to produce gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, diesel and No. 2 home heating oil.

Heating oil is refined from crude oil. The refining process first separates crude oil into different “fractions” by using a distillation process. The middle distillates are then further refined to produce gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, diesel and No. 2 home heating oil.



Lacey's Favorite Propane Supplier Since 1925

Acme Fuel is a local, 3rd generation, family owned business that’s committed to providing its customers the best products and services, while also being good stewards of our community and the environment.

Acme Fuel's clear & competitive propane pricing promise

Other Lacey companies may try to sell you “teaser rates”, only to raise their prices in the winter when you need your fuel the most then lower their prices again in the summer when you need to purchase propane the least. At Acme Fuel, you will never find us playing dishonest pricing games with our customers. Our prices only change when the wholesale price of fuel changes. Switch to Acme Fuel so you can work with a company that you can count on! Contact us now for our current propane and fuel prices.

Automatic propane delivery commitment

If you are one of our many Lacey customers who are on auto-delivery with us, then you know that we always provide priority service. Our team does everything we can to ensure that our customers always get their orders on time and never run out of fuel. But, if for some reason you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed more fuel, Acme Fuel is still here for you! We offer a 24/7 Emergency Service option for all our customers. We promise to get to you with same day delivery so you can continue on your way and at no extra charge! Read more about our propane delivery options below.

Switch propane provider – Acme easy propane tank swap out

Living in Lacey, Washington and currently with another fuel company? Learn more about how easy it is to switch propane providers and become one of the thousands of satisfied Acme Fuel customers! Click below to switch today.

FREE propane delivery in Thurston County

The additional charges added by other companies is just a way to raise their prices without having to honestly quote their customers! Acme Fuel never adds any other fees to our deliveries – we only charge for the price of the fuel and the sales tax. This way you always know that our price is our price.

Annual propane budget plans

Acme Fuel wants to make life as easy as possible for our Lacey customers. This is why we made payment easy! Acme Fuel offers several Budget Payment Plans that will allow you to pay for your heating oil, propane, oil tank replacement contract, and your propane tank lease over the course of a 12 month period with no additional interest or finance charge! Learn more about how Acme Fuel supports our customers by taking a look at our Payment Options Page below.

Personal accounts

Acme Fuel accepts many flexible payment options to our customers in Lacey. These include debit cards, credit cards, COD, and even the option to open a personal account which cover residential homes and other personal propane needs our customers may have. Learn more details about opening up an online Personal Account with us today!

Business accounts

Own a business in Lacey, Washington and need fuel? Acme Fuel is the reliable team ready to support your company. We value any opportunity to support another local business! We make life easier. Start by opening an online Business Account with us today to learn more about how we can help you and your business.

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