Acme Fuel Heating Oil

Established in 1925 & still #1 for Heating Oil in the South Sound

Acme Fuel is a local, 3rd generation, family owned business that’s committed to providing its customers the best products and services, while also being good stewards of our community and the environment.

Acme Fuel's Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil

Acme’s heating oil & off road diesel, is an ultra-low sulfur blend of fuel for a very clean burning fuel.

All heating oil and off road diesel is #2 diesel fuel with a red dye in it to indicate that it is for Non-Road Use. Therefore no road taxes added to the cost of the fuel.

Annual heating oil budget plans

Acme’s budget payment plan lets you pay for your heating fuel or propane and/or oil tank replacement contract over the 12 months of the year with no interest or finance charge. See Payment Options page for more details.

Personal accounts

Acme Fuel offers many flexible fuel payment options including COD, debit/credit and personal accounts for residential homes and other personal heating oil needs. Open an Personal Account online today.

Business accounts

Need heating oil for your business? Acme Fuel are the local reliable team to support your company. We make life easier, starting with an online Business Account that you can open today.

For more information on off road diesel #2 for business, see Commercial Fuels.

Heating oil tank insurance and PLIA

If something goes wrong and your heating oil tank springs a leak, you'll be glad you had a tank replacement contract. This insurance currently costs around $99.95 per year, will pay parts and labor for removal and disposal of your old tank and installation of a new tank and piping.

Please note that the Acme tank contract does not pay for pollution cleanup. Pollution cleanup would be covered by PLIA, the state of Washington’s Pollution Liability Insurance Agency.

If you have an Acme tank replacement contract and are registered with PLIA and your tank leaks, there is no charge whatsoever to you for tank removal, pollution cleanup and new tank installation. To purchase a tank replacement contract, you must be on automatic fuel delivery service from Acme Fuel.

Whether or not you have a tank contract or whether or not you even buy your fuel from Acme, you should definitely be registered with PLIA. It could save you literally thousands of dollars.

PLIA stands for the state of Washington’s Pollution Liability Insurance Agency. PLIA insures against pollution from leaking heating fuel tanks in the state of Washington. It will pay up to $60,000.00 in pollution cleanup costs for individual heating fuel tank leaks. PLIA is funded by a fee assessed on all the petroleum products, including heating oil, sold in the state.

However, even though you are paying for PLIA, your fuel tank will not be covered unless you are registered with PLIA before the leak occurs. The registration form is a simple one-page document. If you have a heating oil tank, you should register it with PLIA right away.

To register, contact us and we’ll send you a PLIA form, or call PLIA directly at 800-822-3905 or go to the PLIA website at

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