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Fuel ProductsFast Fuel CardVisa / Mastercard
ON Road Diesel$3.229$3.329
E10 Unleaded $2.949$3.049
E10 Midgrade $3.199$3.299
E10 Super$3.349$3.449
Reg Unleaded Clear (Ethanol Free) $3.399$3.499
Midgrade Clear (Ethanol Free) [Downtown Only]$3.649$3.749
Super Clear (Ethanol Free)$3.749$3.849
OFF Road Diesel [Downtown Only]$3.764$3.873
DEF [Downtown Only] $2.699$2.799

*The Fast Fuel pricing requires a Fast Fuel Card account. In order to get a Fast Fuel account please fill out an application. For a business application click here. For a personal application click here. You can also get an application at our office or at our gas station. Save an additional $0.05/gallon by signing up for emailed invoices and automatic payments out of your checking account.

Prices are for purchases at our 2 Fast Fuel stations (303 Thurston Ave NE & 501 Lilly Rd SE). Pricing varies at other CFN stations.

Prices are correct at time of publishing. Prices are subject to change.

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