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Acme Fuel offers many flexible fuel payment options including business and personal accounts and easy annual budget plans.

Annual Budget Plans

Acme’s budget payment plan lets you pay for your heating fuel or propane, oil tank replacement contract, and/or propane tank lease payment over the 12 months of the year with no interest or finance charge.


Annual Fuel Budget Plan Sample - Acme Fuel


Payments are based on your record of fuel consumption and projected fuel prices and weather. The payment amount is set each August, just before the heating season, and is adjusted each February, if necessary. It’s a great way to even out your home heating costs.

The budget “season” begins October 1st and ends September 30th. If you start after the budget season begins, we modify your payment accordingly.

Billable Accounts

Acme makes your delivery and you pay us within 15 days or within 7 days and get an additional 5 cent per gallon discount.  Apply for an account today.

Cash on Delivery (COD)

Payment is due at the time of or before delivery is made.

Debit & Credit Cards

You can pay by cash or check; we also accept debit/credit cards. With the card options you can either call us to charge the card, or we can set you up to auto charge your card for your delivery or budget payment. Acme accepts Visa, Master Card, and Discover.

ACH Payment

We can set up an automatic withdrawal which is directly debited from your Bank Account.