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Propane is working harder all the time.

Propane heats your office building, runs your kitchen, and even dries crops all in a clean, efficient, reliable manner. Propane powered forklifts not only lift heavier loads, they also have lower emission rates than gasoline or diesel models. With so many refueling options, propane has become the perfect alternative fuel for all of your fleet vehicles.

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Acme Fuel is a local, 3rd generation, family owned business that’s committed to providing its customers the best products and services, while also being good stewards of our community and the environment.


Propane has been a part of America's energy mix for more than 100 years. The efficiency, reliability, and versatility of clean, American-made propane makes it an outstanding choice for commercial applications. Commercial businesses have enjoyed its superior comfort and efficiency for a variety of commercial appliances. Propane offers the same performance characteristics as natural gas.

Commercial Propane for;
Hotel & Restaurant Service
Office & Warehouse Heating
Resale Fuel Dispensers
Mobile Food Trucks & Catering
& much more...


Propane is a leader in Industrial gas furnaces and boilers, they’re self-contained units that supply heated air to condition a wide variety of spaces and applications. Propane-powered forklifts are instrumental to the material handling market and offer a number of key advantages over other fuels. Propane-powered forklifts do more than move inventory, they increase your productivity and give your bottom line a big lift too.

Industrial Propane for;
Forklift Refueling
Equipment Sales & Service
Manufacturing & Processing Equipment
Temporary Construction Heating
Office & Warehouse Heating
& much more ...


Propane is the only fuel that can save you more money while keeping the air cleaner across your operation. Think of a job on the farm, and chances are, propane can do that. It's why more farmers than ever are making the switch.

Agricultural Propane for;
Agricultural Processing Equipment
Forklift Refueling
Grain Drying
Greenhouse Heating
Lawn Care Equipment
Pest & Weed Control
& much more ...

Fleet Vehicles

Propane autogas has the power to transform your fleet. Businesses and government organizations of all sizes have discovered that propane autogas x deliver the lowest total cost-of-ownership of any fuel. If you're looking to make an impact to your bottom line, explore the possibilities of propane autogas.

Autogas Propane for;
Fleet Conversions
Onsite Refueling
Technician Training
Guaranteed Fuel Savings
Reduced Emissions
Extensive Public Refueling Network
& much more ...

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