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Newsletter – April 2019

Spring has sprung!  Last month we saw some beautiful weather with temperatures in the 70’s (well -deserved after February) and with that, the grass started growing.  Make sure you come to one of our Fast Fuel stations to get Non-Ethanol Gasoline for your mowers or other lawn equipment.  The warmer weather also means BBQ season,…

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Newsletter – March 2019

Hello again.  I must start off by apologizing; it was probably my fault we had “Snowmageddon”.  I usually type these newsletters in the 2nd to 3rd week of the month prior so we have time to edit and get them to our printer.  My first paragraph last month suggested that winter was most likely “over”. …

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Acme Fuel Truck Vintage

Newsletter – February 2019

February….I can’t believe I just typed that!  Here in Western Washington, February is generally the last month of “winter”.  Sure we can get a skiff of snow here and there in March or even April, but nothing major.  As I type this, there doesn’t appear to be any really cold weather on the horizon.  The…

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1925 to Present Day: Old Fashioned Principles Prevail at Acme Fuel

Acme Fuel is more than a historic building on State Avenue in Olympia. There are historic treasures inside the building too, namely, the Allen family, who have steadily built Acme Fuel with some old-fashioned guiding principles, generation by generation. “I have just been very blessed, really.” says Tom, “We started off selling wood, then coal, then oil and…

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Newsletter – December 2018

Happy Holidays!  The year continues to fly by!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  As I write this, it was another very frosty morning in the 20’s….Brrr!  We’ve been busy filling up propane and heating oil tanks. If you are not on Automatic Refill, you should really consider it.  There is no extra…

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Acme Fuel A helping hand in the Olympia community

Acme Fuel – Loves to Help

Our Acme Fuel employees recently pooled together $200 of their own money which Acme Fuel matched and gave a $400…

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